Monday, November 4


Some of our pumpkins and a Halloween ghost my friend made me at work, full of sweeties! :)

Tuesday, October 8

Rally car illustrations for sale.

New! New! New!

Here is some recent new work.
Me and the other half worked on this together, as you can probably tell as they are more manly than my other work, but hopefully they will appeal to women buying for men as well.
All men like an 80's rally car surely! :)


All available in my Etsy shop and my NotOnTheHighstreet shop.

Pumpkins harvested.

Pumpkins have been cut and brought in ready for Halloween, we are going to carve these and make something yummy out of the flesh. :)

VW Camper original artwork sold. :)

A new original camper van artwork will be created soon.

Thursday, August 29

Recent trip to Hong Kong

Here are a few photos from my trip to Hong Kong in June this year. My brother lives out there so I went to visit for a week. He lives on the island called Mui Wo. I had a great time!

Tuesday, August 27

Bank Holiday weekend.

A twilight walk in the village. 

We found a new route and some maize fields to walk through where we could pretend we were Hobbits!

Tuesday, August 20

Summer Sale at Wistow gallery.

Click for the Facebook link.

Wistow Gallery End of Summer Wistow Gallery End of Summer Sale! Starts Friday 23 August: 10% off absolutely everything in the gallery and up to 60% off many pieces...

There are some lovely things to buy at the gallery at very reasonable prices so with 10% off everything they'll be bargains to be had. :)

Saturday, August 17

Parquet floor.

I've always loved parquet flooring, it reminds me of school halls and school gyms, so when we bought our house I thought the only place we could afford to have it was in the hall, so after a bit of persuading we bought some new oak parquet (we decided reclaimed would be too much hassle, getting the bitumen off, etc.) so here are some pics of Tom laying the floor and where we are up to now.
We decided to put in a big picture window where there was originally a side door as, it wasn't really needed, the previous owners put a proper front door in, so the side door was a bit overkill really.

A dyeing success.

I've revamped this Ikea sofa we bought second hand, the covers were a bit faded and weren't the shade of blue I wanted so I decided to dye them using Dylon machine dye. I think it's worked really well, it's given it a nice deep rich colour and is more the navy colour that I wanted. It took most of last weekend with the machine constantly on, but I think it was worth it. :)



This is a cable knit cushion my Mum has just made me, great isn't it?